Better Together Gift Box


Are you looking for a super simple way to tell someone OR YOURSELF that we are going to get through this quarantine-inducing, self-isolating, hand-washing and skin-drying mess?  LOOK NO FURTHER.

This box is an easy reminder that you deserve to pause for a few minutes and take care of yourself with some of our super-amazing, all-natural and handmade products.  Take a deep breath and enjoy the following products:

  • Lip Scrub to exfoliate and moisturize your dry lips
  • Almond Marshmallow Lotion Bar for all over body moisture
  • Hand Stuff to target your cuticles and really dry spots

Perfect for healthcare workers, the person who is helping you with grocery deliveries, your postal delivery person or anyone else that needs some love... including YOU.  This great limited edition combo will come gift boxed and shipped wherever you need it to go. 

Take care... we are in this together.