In 2014, we started a Lip Balm business...

and we did it without realizing what we had started. We just knew that we wanted a way to have soft lips without all of the nonsense.

Once we perfected our all-natural, handmade formula, we started work on a lip scrub, a beard balm, a bug repellent and more! Now, we're kicking butt and taking names with more than 15 lip care and skin care items in our inventory!

We are Serious Lip Balm and we’re SERIOUS about making as close to a perfect product with good ingredients that help you be your best without adding any funny stuff.

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What an incredible blast we had at the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago.

It felt so great to be able to sell our wares in our homestate again, even if it was quite a distance from home.

We got to meet so many incredible people, be with some of our besties *looking at you Ali Morton and Lexy :)

Thank you for stopping by if you got a chance, and we will be back next year to rock it up too!

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The Good Stuff:  Sweet Almond Oil

The Good Stuff: Sweet Almond Oil

Want to know why sweet almond oil graces the ingredients list on almost every one of our all natural and handmade lip balm and skin care products?  Oh, maybe because it's incredibly moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and tons of other great things.  Read on to learn more!
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Gray background with "Hello my name is Sara" and "I'm a SERIOUS teacher" along with a photo of a white woman in a blue cardigan

Hello, My Name is....SARA THE TEACHER

Sara is soooo much more than a teacher. She is a new(ish) mom, dog mom, emotional support friend, and hardworking gal - AND an OG around Serious.  Read on to find out what she's all about.
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Good Does Good

As a part of the Good Does Good initiative, we've partnered with the Elm City Center to help label and package our products.