Some Great Things with Serious Lip Balm: A Side Note BLip by Gemma Long

We've decided to start handing over the reigns of this blog to some of our nearest and dearest and one of them is Gemma Long.  Gemma has been working with us for years and she's going to be stopping by with some words of wisdom from time to time to talk about business things (we love to learn from her), life things (can't we all use tips?), things that Serious Lip Balm is doing (because sometimes we get nervous talking about ourselves) and other great stuff as well. 

Seriously Great Humans:  Andy the Wholesale Guy

Serious Lip Balm is more than just an all natural and handmade lip balm company, my friends – it is a cast of characters that not only get the joy of working together to bring you a long list of awesome body products but are amazing humans that we think you should get a chance to know. Today we give you the one and only Andy Surratt, our favorite wholesale rep who has an amazing laugh, a love for Bigfoot and a whole lot of knowledge about Serious Lip Balm.  

5 Reasons You're Going to Love Serious Fix Healing Balm

Serious Fix Healing Balm is a handmade jack-of-all-trades product that will be useful to you over and over again! We have five reasons why you are going to love it, from chafing and eczema to its portable shape and how easy it is to apply.  It's amazing... not that we are biased or anything.