Gray background with "Hello my name is Sara" and "I'm a SERIOUS teacher" along with a photo of a white woman in a blue cardigan

Hello, My Name is....SARA THE TEACHER

Next in our Hello, My Name Is series is Sara the Teacher.
Now Sara is soooo much more than a teacher. She is a new(ish) mom, dog mom, emotional support friend, and hardworking gal.
Sara is an OG around Serious. She's been here since a batch of lip balms was 15. She helped name some of our earliest bundles. And when we hit the road, she ALWAYS came and visited us. 
So here it goes....
White woman in a blue cardiganHello, My name is SARA
Tell Us About You: I am a teacher in the Springfield School District where I have taught for MANY MANY years.
If you had to enter a competitive eating contest, what food would it be? Soft Pretzels
What is your FAVORITE Serious product? The lip balm! I use it every day and always have a stash
What is your favorite punch line to a joke? "A gummy bear!"
Sara has been around since the very beginning and somehow isn't sick of us yet. Hopefully her rein as bestest whip scooper is never broken!!!


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