white cardboard box on a black surface with white wood background filled with crinkle paper and all natural lip care and skin care products and the test "5 reasons to get someone our Mama's Day gift box"

5 Reasons To Send a Mama's Day Box

HEY YOU.  It's about to be Mother's Day 2021, in case you haven't noticed.

Someone helped raise you.  We don't care what gender that person (or wolf) was, we don't care if they birthed you or contributed to your birth or if they were a neighbor or a teacher or a relative or someone you met on the subway and they took you home and gave you a chicken sandwich and let you fall asleep on their couch - they helped make you the wonderful person you are today, and they deserve to be thanked.  The way we see it, you can either write them a lovely note that they will then treasure for the rest of their lives or you can call them and have a lovely chat OR you can buy them a gift.  If you're taking the last option, DO WE HAVE AN IDEA FOR YOU.

White box with brown crinkle paper and an assortment of all natural and handmade lip care and skin care products on a black surface with wood background

Here at Serious Lip Balm, we believe in gifts with a purpose, gifts that maker the receiver feel loved and known and understood and cared for, and that's why we made our Happy Mama's Day Box - so you can send that special person something special.  Here are FIVE REASONS why our gift box is the best gift around!

1.  Not only can someone use it, IT WILL MAKE THEM FEEL GOOD.  It's not a figurine to gather dust or a giant chocolate bar that will cause a Bellyache of Regret, it will help their lips and skin and make them feel fresh and happy.

2.  It's all natural and handmade.  NO CHEMICALS HERE, friends!

3.  You get to choose what goes inside!  Here are your options - 

  •  Vanilla Buttercream Lotion Bar + Pair of Littles (a smidge of a lotion bar and a dollop of moisturizing Serious Whip Lotion!)
  • Vanilla Buttercream Lotion Bar + 2 Lip Balms (strawberry lemonade and vanilla mint
  • Vanilla Buttercream Lotion Bar + 0.35oz of Serious Fix

4.  You get to include a personal note that we will handwrite for you!  Talk about a personal touch.

5.  WE WILL SHIP IT FOR YOU.  That reason alone makes it worthwhile because all you have to do is CLICK CLICK CLICK and you get to be an amazing gift-giver.  Perfection.

So thank someone for making you awesome today, and thank YOU for being awesome yourself.

We love you!



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