Lula, the Greatest English Bulldog to Ever Run a Business

Lula, the Greatest English Bulldog to Ever Run a Business

Let me tell you about my best friend... THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE IS THE BEST. 
Woman with long blonde hair in a black tshirt with Serious Lip balm on it sits next to a brown and white English bulldog, both are smiling. Lula and I have been together for all of her nine years. She was given to me at a time when I thought that a puppy was the very last thing I needed. I was really wrong, and the universe knew better.
According to her official AKC registration she was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Nov. 23, 2011. She's an English Bulldog with a small stature and large farts.
  • Favorite treat: anything from Cousin's Dog Biscuits
  • Favorite toy: a stuffed donut with pink frosting
  • Favorite food: Diamond Natural's, any flavor
  • Favorite Vet: Country Side Veterinary Clinic, Taylorville IL
  • Favorite place to walk: Washington Park, Springfield IL
  • Favorite place to nap: on top of you
  • Favorite people to visit: our friends at Elm City, Jacksonville IL
  • Least favorite activity: nail trims
  • ONLY SWORN ENEMY: our mail carrier

Being a Bulldog Keeper has its challenges - the daily wrinkle maintenance, pillow fluffing, and medications are not for the weak. Because Lula is a brachycephalic breed (she's got a short snout) she and her fellow no-snout friends have problems with dry noses. Yuck, can you imagine? Luckily, she has a mama in the skin care business, so we designed a product just for that!! Serious Smooshface Balm. It is easy to appy to dry noses, paws, or any hot spots that pop up on any of your four legged friends. Lula the bulldog on the street in downtown Springfield Illinois

Lula takes her position of Customer Service Representative at Serious Lip Balm VERY seriously. No one walks away unhappy, she makes sure of it. Luckily, she doesn't mind one bit that we use her cute mug for all of our big announcements.

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting our Lula just note that she loves you already and is more than happy to have you scratch her tumtum.


brown and white bulldog smiling at the camera with a tube of Serious Lip Balm Smooshface balm near her paws.

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