5 Reasons You're Going to Love Serious Nip Balm

5 Reasons You're Going to Love Serious Nip Balm

Serious Fix Nip Balm is an all natural and handmade moisturizing balm that helps heal and protect nipples and a ton of other sensitive areas!


metal background with a pile of healing nipple balms and the text "if it weren't for this I would have stopped breastfeeding at day 1"
  1. Hey breastfeeding mamas, you deserve to be comfortable! You’re feeding a baby (or two or three, we don’t know), you’re taking care of someone else and you are being superhuman, you do not deserve dry and cracked nipples!  Serious Nip Balm is all natural and does not interrupt latching or create a sticky mess for you and your baby!
  2. Fix contains amazing ingredients that actually work for you, from lanolin for moisturizing and healing skin to a blend of three essential oils - peppermint, clove and teatree oils – that are antibacterial and promote healing.
  3. Look male runners – we get it. You have nipples, too.  Running to be a healthier you does not mean you need to cross every finish line with bloody nipples (PLEASE do not google that, you will never forget the images) or need to endure tearing band-aids and chest hair off in order to protect your nips.    Drink your water, lace up those running shoes and rub on some nip balm before you hit the streets – you’ll thank us later.
  4. You want to talk about how awesome these ingredients are? SURE THING.  Serious Nip Balm only contains beeswax, shea butter and lanolin, which means it is SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.  It’s also Nut Oil Free, so all of our awesome friends with tree nut allergies can use it on their lips, elbows, nips and EVERYTHING.
  5. It comes in a convenient tube for easy application and portability. Nip Balm is easy to stash in your nightstand, diaper bag, water bottle carrier or anywhere you might need a quick hit of moisture without getting it all over yourself.  Want it to be discreet?  WELL, it sure is.

GREAT NEWS!  You can grab some of our amazing Serous Nip Balm RIGHT NOW in our online store... and HERE IT IS.

Happy breastfeeding/running/happy nipples!



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