5 Reasons You're Going to Love Serious Fix Healing Balm

5 Reasons You're Going to Love Serious Fix Healing Balm


Serious Fix Healing Balm is a handmade jack-of-all-trades product that will be useful to you over and over again!   We have five reasons why you are going to love it…. not that we are biased or anything.

Serious Fix Healing Balms on a chalboard background with the text "5 reasons you are going to love Serious Healing Fix"

1. Fix is great for all of those parts are you that get really dry and painful.  Cracked knuckles?  Fix can take care of that.  Raw skin on your face from blowing your nose during allergy season?  Fix will heal that right up for you!

2. Fix contains amazing ingredients that actually work for you, from lanolin for moisturizing and healing skin to a blend of three essential oils - peppermint, clove and teatree oils – that are antibacterial and promote healing.

3.  Eczema doesn’t stand a chance against Fix. Are we the FDA?    Are we doctors?  Not the last time we checked.  Have we had countless people approach us with stories about how Fix finally gave relief to their eczema and that of their kiddos?  SURE HAVE.

4.  Chafing is NO FUN, and Serious Fix can help prevent it before it happens and afterwards if it already has. There’s nothing quite like the burning pain of raw, chafed skin, and Fix is a lifesaver for that!

5.  It comes in a convenient tube for easy application and portability. Fix couldn’t be easier to carry with you – the small size fits right in your pocket or bike bag – and its twist-up tube and balm consistency is easy to apply without coating your fingers or hands (unless you want to!).

Serious Fix Healing Balm is available in our amazing online store RIGHT HERE.  Give it a shot!


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