Get Yourself a Little Shimmer:  April Gift of the Month!

Get Yourself a Little Shimmer: April Gift of the Month!

Tinted and Shimmer lip balms with white text that says they are the gifts of the month for April 2021

GREAT NEWS, friends!!!!  

The days are getting longer and the sun is lingering in the sky, the wind isn't as chilly as it was and it is time for THE GIFT OF THE MONTH FOR APRIL!  

So what does that mean, you might ask!  Well, it means that if you purchase our gift of the month in our online store RIGHT HERE, you will automatically get a FREE LIP BALM included in your package!  Aren't you filled with anticipation over what might be this month's gift?  WELL SAY NO MORE... it's the tinted and shimmer balms!

Our all natural and handmade tinted and shimmer lip balms are made from the very best ingredients and give your lips a little bit of color, a little bit of shine and sometimes both.  HOW MUCH TINT AND SHINE, you might ask?  Great question, thanks for asking.  Our goal is to add just enough color and shine that it makes you feel like you have a little something on but not too much that you need to look in the mirror for application AND you can feel comfortable giving it to the kiddos. With a range of tints, scents and sparkles, we've got a little something to flatter everyone and anyone!

So what can you purchase in order to get the free lip balm?  Well, you can get a custom tint and shimmer lip balm bundle, a Fancy B*tch bundle, a Crafty B*tch bundle, and even a Rich B*tch or a Birthday B*tch bundle because they contain our strawberry champagne lip balm that has a gold shimmer!  So many options.  

Enjoy it, and thanks for being awesome!

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