A burlap bag containing three lip balms on a rainbow striped piece of fabric with bold text that says "Brand New Lip Balm Bundle"

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: The Pocket Full of Sunshine Lip Balm Bundle


I want a little sunshine in my pocket, don't you?

Pocket Full of Sunshine Lip Balm Bundle in a burlap bag with a black tag, shown with three lip balms on a silver background with a sunshine graphic

She's here, a whole brand new product!  Please join us in welcoming the Pocket Full of Sunshine lip balm bundle, a delightful mix of sunshine scents and shimmer that will get you excited for sunshiney days, your toes in sand, picnics in the park and visiting ice cream stands!

This beauty of a bundle has three scents of lip balm - rainbow sherbet, frosted cupcake and a BRAND NEW SCENT - tropical milkshake, a delighful blend of tropical fruits and creamy sweetness... and THAT IS NOT ALL!  The new tropical milkshake balm has a bubblegum pink shimmer made from eco-friendly micas to continue our quest to give you the best clean beauty options out there!

She's live on our website right now, go check her out here!

Enjoy your day!


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