Small glass jar of essential oils sit on a copper plate with an eyedropper and the words "The Good Stuff: Bug Stuff Oils"

The Good Stuff: Bug Stuff Oils

Okay, let me deal THE FACTS.  

  • our Bug Stuff all natural and handmade bug repellent WORKS.
  • our Bug Stuff SMELLS AWESOME.
  • our Bug Stuff contains a blend of essential oils and scents that keeps ALL of the biting bugs AWAY.

So what is combined to make that scent, you ask?  THAT IS A WONDERFUL

a blend of essential oils in a glass jar sit on a copper plate with an eyedropper

QUESTION.  The blend we use contains vanilla scent as well as a blend of essential oils like orange, lemon eucalyptus, citronella java, lemongrass, spruce, litsea Cubeba, peppermint, spearmint and catnip as well as some menthol.  ARE THEY MAGIC OILS, you ask?  YOU KNOW IT.  Here's a little bit about how they work - 

1. Scents like citronella mask the smell of animalsa so that bugs can sniff them out - what those biting bastards can't find, they can't bite.

2.  Some essential oils are actually repulsive to animals as well;  studies have shown that peppermint even keeps mice away.

A variety of Serious Bug Stuff tubes lay on a silver metal background

3. Buffalo gnats are some awful little biting buggers that can swarm and bite, but good news, they HATE vanilla, one of the main ingredients in our Bug Stuff.

WANT TO REALLY SEAL THE DEAL?  Bug sprays that contain harmful chemicals (we aren't naming names BUT WE COULD) have been known to show side effects like dizziness, fatigue and breathing difficulties.  SURE, LET'S SPRAY THAT INTO OUR LUNGS, AWESOME.

Stick with the Bug Stuff, kids... we want you to be safe and TAKE YOUR SUMMER BACK.




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