Five Reasons To Love Serious Bug Stuff, Our All Natural Handmade Bug Repellent

Five Reasons To Love Serious Bug Stuff, Our All Natural Handmade Bug Repellent

A tube of all natural bug repellent sits on a mossy rock with text that says "5 reasons to love Serious Bug Stuff"

The weather is starting to get warmer and the sun is starting to hang around a little longer, and you know what that means... BUGS.

Don't get us wrong, BUGS ARE AMAZING. Have you ever watched a firefly light up? Incredible. Have you ever read about how bees can do an interpretive dance called a "waggle" that tells other

bees where flowers are? THEY DO. Bugs are amazing, but let's be honest - some bugs can just plain RUIN YOUR DAY.

You know, bugs like mosquitoes and gnats.

Mosquitoes and gnats can not only be frustrating while you're trying to enjoy some of your favorite activities like hiking, gardening, walking your doggo and checking out your niece's baseball game, they can cause itchiness that will continue to bother you for days. FEAR NOT... there is Bug Stuff, our all-natural, handmade bug repellent, and here are FIVE REASONS that you will love it.

1. IT IS FREE OF NASTY CHEMICALS. Serious Bug Stuff only contains beeswax, coconut oil, chea butter, carnauba wax, sweet almond oil and a blend of essential oils that biting bugs find repulsive. We've heard horror stories about people using chemical bug repellents that are so strong that they have melted the plastic buttons off of shirts... not Bug Stuff. Bug Stuff is not only safe, but it's good for your skin,  it is a kid safe bug repellent and is even moisturizing!

2. IT IS NOT A SPRAY - IT IS A COVENIENT BALM! Think of it like a solid lotion in a tube, so when you apply it, all you have to do is pop off the top and apply it to your pulse points or anywhere that tends to be especially yummy to bugs. No greasy and stinky sprays to coat yourself with and no overspray to make the deck of your boat slippery!

Fresh tubes of all natural bug repellent are piled together

3. IT IS KID AND PET FRIENDLY! Serious Bug Stuff is so easy to apply that your kids can apply it to themselves rather than run when the spray bottle comes out. Have you ever tried to spray down a three year old with anything? It's not fun. Also, it's a great bug repellent for pets - we apply it to our dog's collars to keep the gnats out of their faces every summer.

4. IT COMES IN THREE SIZES AND CAN GO WITH YOU. The small tube is perfect for your pocket, the medium tube can fit into your hiking bag and the large is a great family-sized tube to keep by the back door.

A tube of all natural bug repellent is held up with a review of the bug repellent appears in front of it

5. IT WORKS. Enjoy your life outdoors without worrying about bites and buzzing and all of that garbage.

Serious Bug Stuff... enjoy your time outside!

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