Hello, My Name Is... JAMIE THE NURSE!

Hello, My Name Is... JAMIE THE NURSE!

It should be no surprise that we know some pretty rad people and sometimes those rad people tell us how much they like our products.  Once we are done blushing and blubbering our weepy thank yous, we always mutter about how we should tell other people that, because, you know, who knows better about our amazing all natural and handmade body products than our amazing PEOPLE?

Here's the newest of our new series of BLip posts, friends... Hello, My Name Is.

FIRST UP, the one and only SUPER NURSE, Jamie!  Jamie has been an amazing long time supporter of our products and us so we thought she would be a great first spotlight in this amazing series!  Jamie is an incredible human, mom, daughter, granddaughter (hi MeMaw!), sister, nurse, colleague, friend, you name it.  We know that hospitals are dry places, so we thought she might have some cool insight into what products the awesome medical personnel of this world could use and SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

Hello, My Name is Jamie

a white woman named jamie smith in scrubs at jacksonville memorial hospital

Tell Us About You:  I am a nurse at Jacksonville Memorial Hospital in the perioperative area.

If you had to enter a competitive eating contest, what food would it be? Alfredo noodles or chocolate cookie ice cream sandwiches

What is your favorite Serious product? Serious Bug Stuff

How does it help you?  It helps keep those annoying AF gnats and mosquitos from biting me when I am trying to sit outside in summer and enjoy an ice cold adult beverage while baking in the sun.

What's your favorite punchline to a joke?  "I wish I could but I don't want to." - Phoebe Buffay

NURSES DESERVE TO SIT IN THE SUN WITH NO BUGS, Y'ALL.  They work their asses off, shouldn't they get some non-buggy downtime?  THEY SURE AS HELL SHOULD.  

Thanks, nurses.  Thanks, Jamie.  We love ya.



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