SERIOUS MAGIC:  The One and Only Howard

SERIOUS MAGIC: The One and Only Howard

Sometimes we howl at wholesale shows.

Not just a little howl, but a big old "OWWWW OWWWWW" with our friends, like somewhere there is a moon and we are wolves letting it rip right at it.

We don't know how it started, but it definitely involves our friend 

Howard and Whitney Schwartz laugh in front of a gray wall a

Howard.  Howard and his incredibly talented wife Whitney own Whitney Howard Designs, an inspiring hand-crafted accessories company based out of LA that encourages positivity, joy, empowerment and so many other wonderful things in this world.  We had the pleasure of meeting Howard through the wholesale tradeshow circuit several years ago and it was magic at first sight.

Howard Schwartz and Khara Koffel smile in a restaurant

Believe this - Howard is magic.  We talk about meeting amazing humans and events that guide us in this crazy business path of ours, and Howard leads the pack.  Our booth was placed next to his at our first ever national show and he was and has been filled with knowledge about everything from shipping our products to advertising to finding the best pizza in Las Vegas.  He lifts up those around him, shares whatever knowledge he has and gives the best hugs in world.  The love we have for Howard and everything he has done for us could take up at least 17 posts... trust us on that.

The fact that having this little company has led us to someone like him shows us how magical this world is and how thankful we are to be part of it.

Love you, Howard.  We hope you all find yourselves a Howard.



Khara Koffel, Lexy Determan, Megan Luckey, Whitney Schwartz and Howard Schwartz smile at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago



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