A small amount of shea butter sits on top of a metal surface with a small Serious Lip Balm logo on the bottom left corner.  The text reads "The Good Stuff:  Shea Butter"

The Good Stuff: Shea Butter

Let's talk about the good stuff... shea butter edition.

Like everything we use, shea butter is an all-star natural ingredient that is a fat

An African Shea Tree stands grandly in the lanscape

extracted from the nut of the African shea tree.  FROM A TREE.  I KNOW, I couldn't believe it either.

What makes it so great?  Let me tell you.

1.  Shea butter helps heal dry skin.  It soaks right on into that dry skin of yours (thanks handwashing, sanitizer, genetics, snow, gardening, etc) and gives you the relief you've been looking for when your skin screams for mercy.  

2.   Shea butter contains some amazing vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin E.  Vitamin A helps moisturize and speed up the skin's healing and Vitamin E, among other things, can help soften the skin and protect your skin's moisture barrier (but, you know, more on that later...).

3.  Shea butter acts as an anti-inflammatory for your skin.  You know how your skin can get red, iritated, itchy and even swollen when it is cracked and dry? Shea butter can act as a natural antiinflamatory to calm your rage-y skin in lips.

Serious Lip Balm products like hand stuff, lip balm and beard stuff sit on blue velvet with a disco ball.

So which of our products contain shea butter?  HOW ABOUT ALMOST ALL OF THEM?  From our amazing all natural and handmade lip balms to our incredibly moisturizing paw balms and lotion bars, we use the healing powers of shea butter in tons of our amazing concoctions to help you feel your best.



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