SERIOUS MAGIC:  Meet the Meeks

SERIOUS MAGIC: Meet the Meeks

We've been pretty damn open about how this small business came to be... which is, basically, completely by accident.  We had no intention of starting a business but HERE WE ARE, almost 8 years later and we have learned SO MUCH and we are so excited about where we are going.  That being said, we've also had some things happen along the way that some might call luck, but we call... MAGIC.  

Since these little moments of magic have made us stop in our tracks and think about how awesome the world is, we've decided that we need to share them with you and hopefully that magic will spread a little farther.  So here we go... in no particular order, we present to you... SERIOUS MAGIC.

six people smiling in front of a brick wall, all looking at the camera

Let's talk about the Meeks.  If you've hung out in these parts of Serious Lip Balm Land for a while, you know how much we love us some Meek family.  Gavin has worked with us in the kitchen and on ye old Quickbooks for years and if a wholesale order has left the Serious Headquarters in the last 10 months, it was probably picked and packed by Trina Meek.  This grandson/grandmother duo (just don't call Trina "grandma," she may be tiny but she is fiesty) has been an INCREDIBLE part of our team, so when we knew we needed extra hands over the summer, we looked no further that some more Meeks... I mean, why not?

In comes in the wonder twins, Ian and Finn, to help with Measuring Mondays

three siblings stand in front of a brick wall, smiling at the camera.  Two boys on each side have their arms around their sister in the middle

and Finishing Fridays in the kitchen.  With Ian's eye for detail (he's a baker, too!) and Finn's tireless energy for repetive tasks (he can label some tins and QUICK) we managed to put them to work around their busy schedules of soccer, drumline, band camp, lifeguard training and tennis practice.  BUT HOW DID THEY GET THERE, YOU ASK?  Well, that fell on their older sister Rylie at first, who was home from Texas A&M for the summer.  She made the horrible mistake of wandering into the basement to see what they were doing and soon became an intern for Serious Lip Balm while chaperoning her bros, working on house renovations, shadowing medical staff for school and helping to raise their new puppy, Fen.  Not Finn, he's one of the twinkies... FEN.  I know, I was confused, too.

Anyway, how was this magic?  BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME AND AMAZING

a group of people all at work in a vintage kitchen, only one looking at the camera and smiling

AND THEY MADE US SMILE AND WORKED THEIR ASSES OFF AND WE COULD NOT HAVE EXISTED WITHOUT THEM.  Guys, for real, we didn't even LOOK for them, they were just there, these awesome young folks with awesome attitudes and work ethics and senses of humor.  They even let me scream "I AM A CROUTON IN A MEEK SOUP" whenever I wanted, it was great.

Thank you, Meeks, for always being magical... and Rylie, I've already called ahead to school and told them you aren't coming back, sorry not sorry.

Find the magic, friends.  It's everywhere.  





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