SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER-TIME (ohhhhhh summertime)

SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER-TIME (ohhhhhh summertime)

OH HEY all you crazy kids, how the heck are ya?  Are you sitting down?  Please do, because we've got something to say.

For real, sit down.  We don't need you to smack your noggin and get rushed to the hospital and then have your blood on our hands.  

Here's the deal... summer is over. SURE SURE SURE, the weather is still on the warm side here in the good old Midwest, but the days are definitely getting shorter and the kiddos have started walking NOT RUNNING through the old halls of academia, so it's probably time to admit that another summer is coming to a close.  I don't know if you realized it, but it's been a busy one in Lip Balm Land so here are some of the highlights so crack open your Pumpkin Spice Latte and put on your fave fuzzy hat and reminisce with us.

We rolled out a brand new BUG STUFF ROLLER BOTTLE and man, is it great.

The Soap Co Coffee Shop in Jax got a rad new owner and we were able to help with the re-grand opening!

The Meeks joined us for the summer and we could not have asked for better help.

We sadly lost our sweet company service rep, Lula the Bulldog, but we were able to witness an outpouring of love and kindness that knowcked us over with ALL of the emotions.

We sold at two major national trade shows in Atlanta and Vegas and had an amazing online wholesale show at and holy cats, are we grateful!

BUT THE BEST PART IS, we are ready to rock and roll this fall with NEW PRODUCTS, NEW BUNDLES, NEW LAUGHS AND NEW SHENANIGANS.  Thanks for sticking with us and being so awesome, you really know how two give a couple of weirdos the feels.


Khara and Luck






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