The Good Stuff:  Lanolin

The Good Stuff: Lanolin

Look, I'm not going to sugarcoat this - lanolin is not our favorite to work with.  It

lanolin, a thick, yellowish derivitive of wool fills a metal spoon on a white background

is THICK, it sticks to EVERYTHING and once it is on you, you pretty much need to sandblast it to get it off of your skin.  That being said, lanolin is one of the most incredible substances in the history of man when it comes to healing and moisturizing the skin, so we've found the best ways to use it without passing the stickiness on to you.  Want to know why it's so rad?  I thought you'd never ask.

1.  Lanolin has been proven to improve the roughness of skin by 40% in just one hour.  The Westbrook Lanolin company proved this through a series of tests in the 80s and even though they may represent "Big Lanolin," I believe them.

serious nip balm is scattering next to a quote about breastfeeding

2. Lanolin can be used on all areas and types of skin from lips to nips.  That's right, our Serious Nip Balm has only a few ingredients and one of them is lanolin because breastfeeding can be hellish on these super-sensitive areas!  Runners are also huge fans of our Nip Balm to keep chafing at bay.

3.  Lanolin is removed through a series of chemical processes from SHEEP'S WOOL.  Yes... SHEEP.  Basically, the same ingredient that can heal and moisturize your skin does the same for sheep in extreme weather.  THAT BEING SAID, you do not need to kill a sheep to harvest the lanolin, so don't throw hands at me.  Check out a simple version of this process - 

By combining lanolin with some of our other phenomenal ingredients like shea butter and sweet almond oil (more on that one, later!), we are able to harness the best aspects of this material to make the best lip care and skin care that you can find.  Don't trust me?  CHECK OUT THE REVIEWS, BABY!


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