The Good Stuff:  Sweet Almond Oil

The Good Stuff: Sweet Almond Oil

Want to know why sweet almond oil graces the ingredients list on almost every one of our all natural and handmade lip balm and skin care products?  Oh, maybe because it's incredibly moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and tons of other great things.  Read on to learn more!
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Small glass jar of essential oils sit on a copper plate with an eyedropper and the words "The Good Stuff: Bug Stuff Oils"

The Good Stuff: Bug Stuff Oils

Okay, let me deal THE FACTS, our Bug Stuff, the all-natural and handmade bug repellent WORKS, smells AWESOME and contains a blend of essential oils and scents that keeps biting bugs AWAY.  What's in that amazing combo, you ask? THAT IS A WONDERFUL QUESTION, so READ ON!
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A small amount of shea butter sits on top of a metal surface with a small Serious Lip Balm logo on the bottom left corner.  The text reads "The Good Stuff:  Shea Butter"

The Good Stuff: Shea Butter

Let's talk about the good stuff... shea butter edition. Like everything we use, shea butter is an all-star natural ingredient that is a fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. FROM A TREE. I KNOW, I couldn't believe it either. What makes it so great? Let me tell you.
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